Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Catching Up

At last I am home for the summer!  I have made a list of summer goals, and keeping up with this blog is definitely on there...however, I am nervous to so openly admit that, for who knows how well I will do. :) I would like to try though.

Right now I am at Slow Train Cafe, journaling and reading while Kathryn studies for the NCLEX. I got a lavender vanilla scone (kind of strange...) and pour over Tanzanian coffee. It was so good I drank it black. Seeing as how I have not posted since Christmas, please don't mind my random rants and rambling.

I stayed a few extra days at school to wait for Kathryn, as she helped with Reach Week. It was awesome to spend some time with my friends who I have not had much of a chance to put a lot of time into because of finishing RA things. This school year ended quite well, I would say, or at least just finally ended. Lets just say balancing my time is not my strongpoint. Hah, I thankfully had very gracious professors, and was able to get extensions on my final papers for American Novel. I actually really enjoyed most of my classes this semester, or at least I think I learned a lot. I wrapped up RA things -- moving my girls out, final events, staff closure and goodbyes -- and classwork. This semester sure has been crazy! In a good way, God has done much work on my prideful, stubborn heart, and given me a more gracious and loving understanding of the people around me. I honestly don't recognize the person I was this time last year, and it is really incredible to look back on how God has been working.

my final project for my girls
I wrote them short letters and put them in glass bottles filled with the sand Bethany passed down from the past E3W RA's. I love thinking of it as distributing "unity sand" among each of my residents. gosh i love those girls! 
taking down the decorations! Crazy how time flies.

Also, my older sister and best friend graduated! I am very proud of Kathryn, this has been a whirlwind 4 years, and she has worked so incredibly hard. She is going to be an amazing nurse.

the family nurses! :)

I figured out that Lord willing I will be able to graduate in 3 semesters instead of 4 more. I am praying and hoping that will work out, because that will definitely be helpful in saving some money. Also, if all goes according to plan, I will be doing my TESOL practicum in Macedonia next summer! One of my good friends, Melissa, is actually flying out today to do hers. She texted me this morning and said she was on her way to Switzerland. I am so excited for her, and to hear her stories. It is such a cool opportunity. Currently I am thinking grad school for Applied Linguistics. I get really excited at that prospect, but we will see. It is nice to have a tentative layout for the next couple years though :)

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