Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Preparations for E3W unit decor are well underway! I have piles of random craft projects lying all around the house, and I still have to go through everything I brought back from school at the end of May term.

Yesterday Stephen, Kathryn, and I went out and found some maps at The Backpackers Shop, and this morning I tea stained them. Even more special, I found a rather large package of Kenyan black tea that I brought back a couple years ago from Kericho (Kenya's "tea country"). I figured it probably didn't taste that fresh anymore (even though the expiration date says December 2011), but it was perfect for staining. I'd say that's rather meaningful to me, or at least it makes it a little more special than the ordinary.


  1. I love you. I am very excited -- your passion for these girls will be infectious. You're going to be such, such a good RA. Please remember I'm here for you. Those maps look goooood!

  2. Ahhh! I love tea staining! It adds so much character :) I am so excited to see how your unit will look! Like Bethany said, you're going to be an amazing RA and those girls will love you

  3. oh thank you Bethany! I will definitely be asking you for advice and ideas to be sure! i'm glad you'll be so nearby :)
    thank you Arica! when I was tea staining them i read the location labels and i was thinking "hm, i wonder if the places on these maps are still there!" haha of course they're still there, the maps are current...the staining just made them look so old i guess! :)